Andrew McHenry has been the pastor of Craig Memorial Congregational Church since April 2017, following in the footsteps of Craig Milco (2001-2014), Jack Carmichael (1985-2001), and Robert Vitz (1966-1984). Before coming to Paradise, Pastor McHenry served as pastor of sister Congregational churches in Emporia (2008-2017) and Maple Hill, Kansas (1999-2008). He also served as part-time prison chaplain for the state of Kansas (1998-2004), and as part-time youth pastor through most of the 1990s. Much of his background and involvement has been with the National Association of Congregational Christian Churches (NACCC), but he also has ministerial standing with the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference (CCCC, or “the four C’s”).

Pastor McHenry is a graduate of the University of Kansas (1992, B.A. in Religious Studies) and Saint Paul School of Theology (1995, M.Div.). In 1996 he did his Clinical Pastoral Education (i.e. chaplaincy internship training) at Shawnee Mission Medical Center and the V.A. Medical Center, both in the greater Kansas City area. He received his Certification in Expository Preaching from E.K. Bailey Ministries of Dallas, Texas in 2001.

Andrew was raised in a United Methodist Church in his hometown of Topeka, Kansas. He came to have a personal faith in Christ as a young teenager. In high school he read Charles Sheldon’s popular novel, In His Steps, which motivated him to go farther in following Jesus. He also benefitted from the campus ministry of the Navigators while he was in college at KU. He discerned his call into the ministry after reading his great-grandfather’s autobiography in 1991; he, too, was a pastor who began in Kansas and came to do the Lord's work in California – back in the 1950s.

Pastoral Leadership: Andrew McHenry

Pastor Andrew describes himself as a hybrid of mainline, evangelical and emergent influences. Formative thinkers who have shaped his thought include Jesus (of course), the apostle Paul, Saint Augustine, Martin Luther, Jacobus Arminius, John Wesley, Charles Finney, Charles Sheldon, Martin Luther King Jr., Thomas Oden, Ron Sider, Henry H. “Hal” Knight, E.K. Bailey, Brian McLaren, Luke Timothy Johnson, Walter Brueggemann, Marva Dawn and many others. His compendium of doctrinal beliefs can be found at this link. He also feels blessed to have visited Kenya several times over the years, often for support of the Happy Life Children’s Home in Nairobi.

Besides Jesus, the most important influence in his life is his wife Hillary, to whom he has been married since 2009. Together they are blessed to be part of the church family in Paradise.

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